OILEX is a leading brand in the manufacture of lubricants for the servicing of automotive engines, industrial oils and greases, to meet the requirements of clients.

OILEX plant continues to develop its machinery for mixing oils and since its foundation to this day, it has witnessed a remarkable development and progress and has always been keen to meet the needs of clients and respond to their requirements according to the highest standards of efficiency.

OILEX brand has held a remarkable position in the market for its advanced quality conforming to the quality standards set by internationally recognized institutions.

OILEX is proud of a team of 250 qualified and trained employees with high experience and are able to take the factory towards leadership.


Mixing and producing lubricating oils and providing them to local and international markets with high quality within the highest specifications and international standards.


Our brand OILEX is to represents a significant share in the target markets locally and globally.


• Client Servicing
Serving our clients is our top priority, and their satisfaction is our main concern.

• Development
We adopt in our advanced technological and modern methods to provide our clients with the best products with high quality and within international standards.

• Environmental responsibility
We direct all our actions and objectives towards preserving the environment to become healthier, safer and more sustainable and adopt environmentally sound practices.